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Insecurity kills all that is beautiful

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 I dina drömmar är du den du vill vara


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A 15 page argumentative essay is in the making. I hang around in knitted socks and generally cosy clothes to compensate for my organized, planned brain (as if).

Monteliusvägen in October

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I actually hate blogs that puts up a whole lote of pictures of nature and their pets and such. I also dislike nature- and landscape photography in general. But I love those environments in real life and if I would happen to bring my camera I can't resist to shoot. So I apologize in advance if I bore you, Monteliusvägen and its view on Södermalm, Stockholm is much more beautiful if you're there. And in the future I will work on taking the kind of photos I also enjoy watching, hehe.

pizza, wine and zombies

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the HMS survival guide. (Pic from the day we moved in.)

My town

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I feel so incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to live in this beautiful neighbourhood. Stockholm is truly amazing. 

Ziggy Stardust- the motion picture

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How to spend a saturday

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Sister babysitting puppy Selma

little pop up box

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blueish light. I tried to make a product shoot but i was a bit sloppy with the light and the focus.

little box

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Hornsgatan evolution

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Sis painting the walls of our livingroom. Yes, we moved now. Yes, the apartment is a mess and we still have alot to do. I have exam next week, I have a 2 page essay to write, I work all weekend, two of my sisters have their birthdays this week AND we have two rooms to paint. Messy home, messy life.